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About us

About us

FONOME Mobile is a British based mobile phone virtual network operator (MVNO) offering quality national and international calls at very competitive rates. FONOME concept brand was launched in 2013 by a team of telecom and finance professionals with the companyís Pay as You Go SIM card launched in 2014.

Distinguished from other SIM providers for delivering high quality affordable national and international calls, Fonome Mobile concept brand was developed after years of research. The Fonome Mobile team is committed to a superior vision to be a world-class mobile telecommunications organisation. Within our innovative team we strive to continually diminish the costs and deliver finer value propositions to our customers.

Our philosophy is simply honesty and is a fundamental factor that has brought all the team members together to offer a product that is meeting the marketís expectations.

Our vision is simple - to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our Pay As You Go SIM users. At Fonome Mobile we believe that our services should always be accustomed to the needs of diverse communities.

Our innovative spirit inspires what we do and how we do it, providing valuable benefits for our subscribers, employees and the people. Using the most competitive and quality rates lies within the success of Fonome Mobile and the ever changing strategies used to keep our customers more than satisfied with our network rates.

Why Fonome?

With Fonome Mobile you can enjoy fantastic international call rates and stay in touch for longer with the most important people in your world whether they are in Asia, Africa, the Americas or Europe as Fonome Mobile offers its customers over 220 different destinations to choose from.

Fonome Mobile is a Pay as You Go SIM card that allows you to make high quality, low cost calls to UK and international destinations. If you have friends or family abroad, you can use your Fonome Mobile SIM to keep in touch without having to worry about being charged huge costs.

At Fonome Mobile we understand our services mean more to our customers than just making international and national calls. We know just how important it is for our customers to stay in touch & thatís why we excel in improving our own brand values in everything we provide:

  • Always provide our customers with value for money
  • Certify all our connections are great quality for your usage
  • Construct our products in a easy-to-use manner

Fonome Mobile believes all relationships are built upon trust, therefore we offer only the best telecommunication services to exceed our customers expectations.